Author William Edmund Hood introduces a new kind of fairy tale in his new publication, The Seven Tales of Reverie. This book compiles seven stories that will surely captivate the imagination of every little boys and girls who loves bedtime reading.

Discover the world of reverie where the magic of daydream lies.

Meet the Princess Miriam, a delightful, giggly little girl who might well be a kid in your own neighborhood. Go with her and six of her friends as they pass effortlessly between our world and Reverie, accompanied by the only cat ever to have been made a knight! Meet Mara, the greatest sorceress alive and Miriam’s mentor in magic.

In The King and the Kitten, King Ormund has barely begun his reign when he must send his beloved queen and their baby daughter into our world.

The Princess and the cat Miriam learns that she is more than an ordinary child, as she finds her way back to Reverie, and receives her fairy wings.

In Sunshine Black and the Giant, a giant captured Sunshine and tries to make her his pet child.

Starlight Avery befriends a winged pony from Reverie. She and Starlight fly to the ice-cream mountain.

In The Island of Silly, imagine an island populated entirely by clowns! Princess Miriam and her friend Shakti must go there to enlist the aid of the clowns in defeating the invading army of mulligrumps.

Molly discovers a map hidden many years before in her new home. Her neighbor, Miriam recognizes it as a map of Reverie in Treasure of the Mercaptan Kid.

In The Search For Baby Violet, Abbie is utterly devastated when her baby cousin vanishes into thin air right before her eyes.

The Seven Tales of Reverie provides an amazing experience of magic and adventure, a perfect read during bedtime for a parent and children bonding.